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15mm Norman Farm (DD6)

£30.00 / On Sale

Once you've cleared the beaches fight inland through surrounding farmland and towns. This farm set provides several agricultural and domestic buildings to place on your battlefields.
The buildings are very simple to construct and made from durable 3mm MDF, with textured roofs floors and walls.
Set comprises of;
DD6A. Two Storey Farmhouse 70mm Wide X 98mm Long X 91 mm High
DD6B. Single Storey Farmhouse 70mm Wide X 98mm Long X 66 mm High
DD6C. Large Storage Building 70mm wide X 168mm Long X 73mm High
DD6D. Barn 63mm Wide X 120mm Long X 56 mm High.
DD6E. Pigsty 66mm Wide X 78mm X 17mm High
Please add £2.30 Postage and Packaging for individual buildings and £3.15 for the whole range.
I would advise using contact adhesive to build these kits. Instructions are included. Please specify what you want from the above list if you are ordering individual kits.
These kits are not toys, they should not be given to children under 12 years of age.